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When calculating your home’s value, you need an up-to-date analysis of recently sold relevant properties compared to your own home. A “Comparative Market Analysis," or “CMA,” can give you an in-depth look at your home’s value in today’s market.

The recent appreciation of home values can make it challenging to pinpoint an exact price at which a property will sell quickly. When selling a property, my goal is to balance your timeline and goals, while receiving top dollar and the best sale terms for your property.

If you’re considering selling your home, consulting with me carries no obligation, and I'll be glad to furnish all the historical sales data and analysis you need to make a wise and informed decision. So don't hesitate!

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Earning the trust of his clients, exceeding their expectations, and meeting their unique goals is all in a day’s work for veteran real estate agent Greg Jackson.

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"Greg has a very professional, understanding approach with fantastic listening skills. He understands the real estate market, financing options and how to prepare for a sale or listing."

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